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The Gettysburg Experience
magazine, a publication exploring the Gettysburg of yesterday and today. We offer an array of interesting articles – most of which have a direct relation to historic Gettysburg from the Colonial era through the turn of the 21st century, often with an emphasis on the famous battle that occurredin the summer of 1863.

The Gettysburg Experience also offers a comprehensive Events Calendar (for those who want to know what special happenings to attend when they visit – any time of the year), delicious recipes, Gettysburg trivia, profiles of people and area businesses.

Having served the Gettysburg area since 1997, The Gettysburg Experience now extends our magazine to a wider circulation of readers, offering a glimpse into one of America’s most fascinating towns.

This Month's Headlines:

Editor's Letter
May is a month for remembrance in Gettysburg -- one of the earliest places to commemorate Decoration Day (now known as Memorial Day) in 1867. As a tribute to those who came before us, we offer with this issue of The Gettysburg Experience the following array of articles for the May issue:
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Gettysburg Memorials
With the end of the Civil War, the survivors of the conflict never forgot their comrades who did not make it home. Guilt often troubled the souls of the ones who were able to go on with their lives, so it is not surprising that they wished to memorialize those who had been slain.

This was especially the case at Gettysburg where the inception of a National Cemetery first took root shortly after the battle in 1863.
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Back The Alley
When Joe and Erica Bolin first opened their shop in Fairfield, Pennsylvania five years ago, they chose an unusual name. "When people asked us how to get to the store, we told them to go back the alley." They had been vendors with M c K e s s o n House at the time, in a restored barn behind Main Street. Recently, the Bolins moved their hard goods and crafts store to 414 York Street in Gettysburg. With lots of free parking behind the store that is located near one of the town's busiest intersections, the name still applies. By turning north on 4th Street and then turning right onto the alley before the railroad tracks, the parking lot and door to the store are easily accessible. Customers will continue to find their best option for parking back the alley.
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Interesting Facts About World War I
It has been a century since World War I began in Europe. Here are a few interesting facts about that terrible conflict:

1. World War I was known during the time of its occurrence as The Great War. It lasted from the first days of August in 1914 to November 11, 1918. It didn’t become World War I until World War II appeared. In both of these wars, the United States joined belatedly.

2. The machine gun, the tank, the airplane, and poison (mustard) gas all made their debuts as fighting implements in this modern war.
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May 1865: "The War Is Over"
With the approach of May in the year 1865, the end of the war had brought joy with homecomings and new beginnings, and sorrow for those whose loved ones would never come home. On May 1, Lincoln’s funeral train arrived in Chicago; and for the next two days, crowds filed past his coffin, much like they had in Washington, Philadelphia, New York, Indianapolis and other cities during the nearly two week final journey back to Springfield. Of the Lincoln family, only Robert Lincoln and Mary Lincoln’s cousin Elizabeth accompanied the body of the slain President on the train. Next to Lincoln’s coffin was a smaller one, which contained the remains of Willie Lincoln, who had died in the Executive Mansion in February 1862 of typhoid fever.
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1865: An Eventful Year
The year 1865 is most often associated with two major events that changed the course of American history – the end of the four-year Civil War and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. These events occurred within days of each other, and their significance continues to echo through the years. Lincoln’s murder, the first assassination of a sitting President, was noted by many as the crime of the century.
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