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magazine, a publication exploring the Gettysburg of yesterday and today. We offer an array of interesting articles – most of which have a direct relation to historic Gettysburg from the Colonial era through the turn of the 21st century, often with an emphasis on the famous battle that occurredin the summer of 1863.

The Gettysburg Experience also offers a comprehensive Events Calendar (for those who want to know what special happenings to attend when they visit – any time of the year), delicious recipes, Gettysburg trivia, profiles of people and area businesses.

Having served the Gettysburg area since 1997, The Gettysburg Experience now extends our magazine to a wider circulation of readers, offering a glimpse into one of America’s most fascinating towns.

This Month's Headlines:

Editor's Letter
As another autumn approaches, it is an excellent time to visit historic Gettysburg. At The Gettysburg Experience, we have filled another issue for those who love learning about what came before us.
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Gettysburg's POW Camp
During World War II, there were approximately 600 prisoner of war camps in the United States. What is not generally known is that Gettysburg was one of the sites for one of these camps. Used mostly for captured German soldiers, these prisoner of war camps were spread throughout the nation to avoid placing a burden on a selected few. In 1944, after the D-Day invasion, many German, and some Japanese, prisoners captured during battles in Europe and the Pacific were taken to North America.
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The Markets at Hanover: A Touch of Old Pennsylvania
A Touch of Old Pennsylvania For those who enjoy hand-crafted gifts, colorful fresh produce, and the home-baked goodness of Amish country, there is no need to drive all the way to Lancaster County to find it. The Markets at Hanover, a series of shops located at 1649 Broadway Street (Highway 194 East) in Hanover, Pennsylvania, is located just 15 minutes from Gettysburg. Already boasting twenty different shops and growing, the Hanover Market offers a variety of gifts, food, and home-crafted items reminiscent of simpler times from America's Keystone State.
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Decade By Decade: A Century Of History
As the years pass into history, most of us realize that a year is not a long period of time and the decades they make go equally swiftly. Here is a microcosm of history for the past century, decade by decade, chronicling what occurred during the years that ended in the number five:

The Year 1915: 1915 was a year of war across the Atlantic, and the United States continued to resist involvement. From the Battle of Soissons in France to Flanders Fields in Belgium to the disastrous Allied attempt to free the waters toward Russia in the Dardanelles, the year 1915 was filled with death and destruction.
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The Continual Cost
I’ll confess to nervous excitement, but I did sign in the correct places (one signer did not). First copy signed with the Woo gift pen, and second copy signed with my old green Parker pen.”

One hundred and fifty years after the American Civil War ended, hundreds of thousands of combatants, who had died as a result of the conflict, did not return. The additional casualty count those who had been wounded and captured besides those killed numbered in the millions. There were still those who had, miraculously, survived the war unhurt, at least physically. Over a century and a half later, we still contemplate the cost of our nation's most sanguinary war.
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